Generate keys to 3d print 9144 keys created
Select from the available key profiles and enter the key code to generate a dynamic STL file that can be used for 3d printing. Printed results may vary depending on the calibration of your 3d printer and settings used in your slicer software. Some adjustments and filing may be needed. Only use keys on locks where you are authorized to do so.

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Find Key Code

What is a Key Code

A key’s code, or bitting, is a number that represents the depth of cuts into a key. You know how the profile of a key looks like a mountain range with peaks and valleys? Well those valleys are the cuts into the keys where cylinders in a lock fall into. These valleys are measured and compared to a lookup table in order to determine the key code or bitting specification. The act of measuring these depths is called decoding a key.

Direct Code Method

Sometimes keys will actual have the key code printed in the bow of the key, like in the following picture where the key code is 1250.

Indirect Code Method

Sometimes other alpha-numeric characters are printed in the bow of the key. These are not the key code, but rather an identification marker to lookup the key code in a locksmiths reference guide – such as InstaCode. The following key shows an indirect code of CH501 which would not work as a key code.

Key Gauge Method

A key gauge is a flat measuring tool that a key fits into at the appropriate bitting you are measuring and then slides horizontally until it stops at the prefixed root depth. There are key code markers at each prefixed root depth on the key gauge that indicate the key code for the bitting being measured. Key gauges can be purchased or even printed but they are typically made for specific key types and manufacturers. This key gauge is produced and sold by PRO-LOK.

Caliper Method

You can measure the root depth of each key bitting and lookup the measurement on the manufacturer specification sheets to determine the key code. The following table provides the bitting depth to key codes for the popular Kwikset key brand used for most home front door locks.
Root Depth Key Code
0.329" 1
0.306" 2
0.283" 3
0.260" 4
0.237" 5
0.214" 6
0.191" 7
Using calipers, measure each root depth (red lines in the following picture) and compare the measurement to the Kwikset lookup table above. For this picture, red line #1 measured as 0.214” which equals a key code of 6. The complete key code for this key is 63323.

Online Key Decoder

Upload an image to our free online Key Decoder tool! For best results, take photos 1) on a solid and contrasting background; 2) with no flash; and 3) with no shadows. See example.